Full year tuition as of 2021.

Kindergarten $735 (Semester 2 $293, Semester 3 $203; Includes a $5 fee for teaching materials)

Elementary School $720 (Semester 2 $288, Semester 3 $198)

Middle School $720 (Semester 2 $288, Semester 3 $198)

High School $720 (Semester 2 $288, Semester 3 $198)

Ask how you can earn tuition discounts by doing volunteer work for school.

Payment Method

Payments should be made on the first Saturday of April, September, and January. Please make your check payable to “Amherst Japanese Language School” or “AJLS.”

If you are transferring in/out during the year, please notify the school principal, classroom teacher, and accounting personnel two weeks prior to the transfer.