Class Content

Class Content

Pre-Elementary consists of three grades. Our pre-elementary class typically contains the children who are 3, 4 and 5 years old who speak Japanese at home and can understand their teachers. It is important that they develop their language at home especially because they live outside of Japan. We cooperate with parents to draw their child’s interests toward Japanese language.
* There is a guideline for enrollment, click here for more information.

Contents of Learning:
Our early-childhood education emphasizes teaching language skills (a means to express themselves), music, rhythms and arts & crafts. We promote their interests toward Japanese language and help them become familiar with Japanese characters. We also offer a variety of school activities that are related to Japanese culture.

Pre-preschool and Preschool:
The children are taught Japanese children’s songs and how to play on words to increase their vocabulary. We display words in Hiragana everywhere in the classroom. We also show them how to write in Hiragana as much possible. The arts and crafts are related to Japanese holidays and/or festivals. We hope that in addition to the language skills, they will learn about their culture through these activities. We teach them how to socialize in a group setting and how to communicate in their own words using Japanese. We also teach them to care for each other.

We ask them to sit at their desk during this class in preparation for first grade, in which we follow the official curriculum given by the Japanese Ministry of Education. We also teach them ethics: how to be responsible for their belongings (pencils, papers, etc.) and/or how to act based on their teachers’ directions. Throughout the year, they learn Hiragana and numbers by playing games and increase their vocabulary to be ready to proceed to first grade. Through school activities, they become familiar with Japanese culture and have interactions with children from different grades.

Elementary and Middle school years, the students pursue their education by following the Education Ministry guidelines. We emphasize primarily on Japanese grammar & writing and Mathematics.

High School years, we determine the contents of their education by taking requests from the students and their parents.

In addition to the regular classes, we hold events such as Undokai(an annual school athletic meet), Gakugeikai(a school play), Rodokukai(public readings), Kakizome(Calligraphy),Mochituki Taikai(a Mochi-festival) to name a few.