1981 March Mt. Holyoke professor Tadashi Yamashita and his wife Nobue collected children living in the Amherst area that wanted to study Japanese and started the Japanese school in the Bangs Community Center in Amherst.
1985 The school was closed for one year while the Yamashitas returned to Japan.
1986 The school resumed with the return of the Yamashitas.
1988 The West Massachusetts Japan Club (aka Japan Club) was established with the help of Japanese companies operating in the area: Kanzaki Specialty Paper, US Tsubaki, Marubeni Pulp & Paper Sales (until 1996), and Judd Wire.
1989 Sanctioned by the Ministry of Education as an overseas educational institution (tutoring school).
1999 June Registered as an IRS not-for-profit corporation in Massachusetts under the name Amherst Japanese Language School, Inc.
2000 May Principal Tadashi Yamashita is a recipient of the 3rd Class Order of the Sacred Treasure (Zuihosho) awarded by the Japanese Government.
2008 April Kitanodai Gagaku Association and Raikou held a meeting about the appreciation of gagaku, the music of the ancient imperial court of Japan.
2009 The school published the article “Children Overseas Education” in the journal of the Children Overseas Education Foundation.
2013 March Principal Tadashi Yamashita and his wife Nobue retire.
2013 July Ex-principal Tadashi Yamashita was appointed an honorary advisor of the school.